Bank consolidation loan – Consolidation Loan – promotion ‘Change Bank of your loan 2nd edition’ – PLN 100,000 for a period of months

Representative example for the Consolidation Loan with the “Change Bank for your 2nd Edition” promotion: Actual Annual Interest Rate (APRC) is 14.68%, total loan amount (excluding costs credited): PLN 20,245.06 (including 17,504.62 PLN as the amount allocated to the consolidation of credit products outside Millenial bank), the total amount to ( more… )

Loans for retirees – where to look?

Can an elderly person living on a pension expect a loan from the bank? Yes! Of course, he must meet several conditions. What? In which bank can you safely receive cash? We check. Our analysts have already checked loans for farmers, students, entrepreneurs or for clients who want to get ( more… )