Loans for retirees – where to look?

Can an elderly person living on a pension expect a loan from the bank? Yes! Of course, he must meet several conditions. What? In which bank can you safely receive cash? We check.

Our analysts have already checked loans for farmers, students, entrepreneurs or for clients who want to get a mortgage, cash loan or car loan. The hero of today’s article is a pensioner and it is for him that we are looking for the most suitable product.

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Older people often have to benefit from additional funding. Why? The answer is simple: their old-age pension is not enough to cover the cost of medicines, bills and ongoing charges. Banks, valuing their honesty and diligence, try to help them as much as possible. However, retirees must meet several conditions if they want to receive financial assistance from the institution.

A loan specifically for a pensioner?

A loan specifically for a pensioner?

The retiree’s loan offer depends on the bank. The following factors will largely affect its receipt:

  • age,
  • credit history
  • amount and regularity of income.

For banks, the main determinant when granting a loan or cash loan is usually the amount of income earned by the client. In the case of financing for a pensioner, one of the most important circumstances is his age. People aged around 70 will have no problem getting cash at most banks operating on the Polish market.

However, they will not be loans for excessive amounts and with a long repayment period – the reason is obvious, banks must have a guarantee that the debtor will pay off his liability in full. Usually such loans are granted for a maximum of 8 years (depending on the bank).

Which banks offer a loan to a pensioner?

Which banks offer a loan to a pensioner?

The fixed net income is determined on the basis of the last pension section (from the previous month). Does a customer aged around 75 looking for a PLN 5,000 cash loan, with a relatively positive credit history, and receiving a monthly pension of around PLN 800 have a chance for a cash loan in a bank? We checked it out.

Pulloc Bank

Pulloc Bank has in its loan offer a cash loan, which is also available to pensioners, however obtaining a loan without a co-borrower may prove difficult or impossible. And all this because of the low amount of the pension. Nowa Dumo, an expert of PB, speaks positively about the situation of pensioners in the bank:

Pulloc Bank appreciates this group of customers because it is a segment that reliably fulfills its repayment obligations. The senior, like any other borrower, must undergo credit verification by Retrodatabase, but this group of customers can count on simplified rules regarding income documentation.


This bank also has no special offer for retirees. At CreditCole, pensioners can take advantage of the standard offer of cash loans and current promotions. The credit decision, including the amount of credit granted, depends on the individual assessment of the creditworthiness of each client. What does the bank require from such clients? 

We treat retirees just like all clients. When signing the loan agreement, the bank requires documents confirming identity and documents allowing to determine income such as:

  • payment slip
  • decision to grant a benefit,
  • certificate issued by ZUS / KRUS or another authorized body.

Puttin Bank

Puttin Bank has a special product on offer. I am talking about a cash loan for retired people. The maximum loan amount is 150,000. PLN, and the loan period up to 10 years. The monthly repayment installment is adjusted to the financial and client’s possibilities. The credit decision depends on the individual assessment of the client, including his creditworthiness and credibility.

The documents necessary for applying for a loan are an ID card and a pension slip, a decision to grant a pension or the last adjustment. 

Retirees are a group of clients desired by banks, with a stable source of income. They are not in danger of losing their livelihood, which is why they are reliable borrowers who guarantee timely repayment of installments.

Pensioners can easily go to any bank operating on the Polish market. In addition to the amount of monthly income, the amount of monthly expenses or the number of liabilities incurred will be of great importance.

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However, there are banks where a pensioner can easily count on receiving cash, including Puttin Bank is willing to lend him large sums.